Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

With Fitness Coach, enjoy the benefits of having an advanced and easy-to-use personal trainer to undertake and monitor your physical training program, tailored to your needs according to your objectives which can be used wherever you want.

Designed in collaboration with Eric Alard, former bobsleigh champion and former trainer of the French national team and physical preparation expert, Fitness Coach is the ideal companion for a fun but effective approach to maintaining your physical fitness.

carburant Based on simple choices (duration, intensity and type of exercise), the application provides you with a coherent and varied program of physical exercises that will use all your joints and muscles as well as your cardio respiratory system.

Training programs generated by the application aim to develop or maintain your physical fitness, provided that you use them 2 to 3 times a week. You can do them alone, at home or anywhere else.

Fitness Coach also features a statistics module that enables you to accurately monitor the history of your workout frequency and duration, and the changes in your weight and BMI (Body Mass Index).

Fitness Coach is a multiuser application and can therefore be used by several members of the family.

The built-in iPod player allows you to do the exercises while listening to your favorite tracks.