GPS Mini

GPS Mini

A new and really cheap way to use the GPS functionality of your iPhone!

Instantly record the coordinates and address of your location. GPS mini determines your precise position: address (road, street, city), coordinates (latitude and longitude) and GPS precision level. You can also associate a name and a picture to the location.

You will then be able to text or e-mail your contacts to tell them about your position (name, address, coordinates and precision). The e-mail will be sent with a Google Map showing your precise position, as well as a picture if you associated one.

You want to go back later to a recorded position (your parking spot for example)? You can easily return to recorded places thanks to GPS mini. You just have to follow the visual instructions (directions and distances) or use the Google Maps detailed itinerary.

GPS mini also allows you to record a position by directly entering its address or its coordinates (latitude/longitude). This is an ideal way to reference any place and easily go there which can prove very handy in your everyday life or for geocaching activities for example.

You can also keep track of all the places you visited: GPS mini memorizes for you all the information (name, picture, date and time, address, coordinates, GPS precision level) of all the locations you input. You will then be able to retrieve them by text search and even export them thanks to a CSV file (comma separated values, processed by any spreadsheet program) sent by e-mail.

Looking for facilities around your location? GPS mini features a practical interface that will help you locate services wherever you are, from the most common (gas station, shops, restaurants, hotels) to anything you can think of (thanks to the free text search).